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Summary of Types of Retail Construction Work That We Perform

3NewWe perform all types of construction, repair and maintenance work, and documentation services. We work day-hours, as well as nights, weekends, and holidays. We have capabilities to provide 24/7 emergency and on-call services to our clients. We have multiple crews on staff, as well as many trucks, flatbeds, cars, pickup trucks, SUV’s, and numerous up-to-date tools. Kindly review the descriptions below, to gain a better understanding of our capabilities. Give us a call; we look forward to serving your needs.

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Retail | Department of Buildings and Fire Marshall compliance services [click here for video]:

National Stores, Brooklyn, NY: repainted entire sprinkler system, per new retroactive Building Code, for compliance with orders of Fire Marshall.

Retail | Rollup gate repairs and replacement [click here for video]:

National Stores, Bronx, NY: managed the removal, rebuilding, and/or replacement of non-working and damaged electric-powered gates/shutters.

Retail | Rapid emergency interior paint; emergency afterhours labor to replace GC who failed to perform:

Fallas Stores, Bronx, NY: received an afterhours emergency phonecall on a Friday night, mobilized a team of 34 inhouse laborers within 1 hour, and painted the interior of a retail store, which was 385 feet long x 220 feet wide x 24 feet high, in just 4 hours.

Retail | Lighting, bulbs, and handyman work [click here for video]:

National Stores, Philadelphia, PA: performed after-hours handyman lightbulb replacements on 800+ lightbulbs and 60+ ballasts, in just 2 shifts.

Retail | Minor sidewalk repair work:

Fallas Stores, Harlem, NY: performed handyman cement work; repaired damaged walkway.

Retail | Water leak detection in foundation:

National Stores, Elizabeth, NJ: worked with a licensed engineer to discover problems with the cement, foundation, gutter/leader system, and overall drainage; provided protection and elevation of inventory.

Retail | Post-flood, post-storm, and post-leak repairs:

National Stores, Bronx, NY: performed cost-effective handyman repairs, then repaired all interior water damage, while protecting inventory.

Retail | Fascade repairs, exterior signage installation, and temporary banners:

National Stores, 24 various sites in 3 states, Memorial Day weekend 2015: repaired damage caused by other contractors, while they removed and replaced exterior signage, post name change of a retail chain.

Luxury Commercial | Interior and exterior buildout in high security landmark building:

Chaise Fitness, 92nd Street YMCA/YMHA, New York, NY: consulted on the design of, then built a new franchise location.

Luxury Commercial | Metal elevator cladding:

Cable Building, New York, NY: manufactured 30 ornamental aluminum elevator cladding components, then installed them.

Luxury Commercial | Interior and exterior buildout:

Chaise Fitness, New York, NY: retrofitted a Chaise Fitness Center into a Pre-War NYC building, then converted it to the franchise’s flagship location.

Retail | Surveying:

C.W. Price, 34 locations throughout New England and Mid-Atlantic regions: verified dimensions/measurements of multiple locations, to provide documentation to verify existing conditions, for the lease-takeover and name change of a number of retail locations, for our client.

Luxury Commercial | CM services:

Chaise Fitness, Park Avenue, New York, NY: built Chaise Fitness Center, in high-exposure Manhattan intersection.

Luxury Commercial Residential | Miscellaneous metals, railings, ornamental metals, and concrete:

Cable Building, New York, NY: designed, manufactured, and installed ornamental metal products, and manufactured and installed bicycle racks.

Commercial | Reinforcement for RTU’s and boilers:

 Walgreens, New York, NY: supplied and installed steel reinforcements in ceilings, to support rooftop HVAC units.

Retail | Carpentry and repairs in bathroom:

National Stores, Upper Darby, PA: performed repairs associated with (post-leak) ceiling collapse (entire ceiling) in a bathroom with 12 toilets in 1 retail location, then performed handyman maintenance work.

Retail | Payment center and cash register relocation:

National Stores, Upper Darby, PA: uninstalled and relocated 12 cash registers, from the back of the store, to the front. The scope of work included carpentry, working with licensed electricians, telecom, and IT services.

Retail | Powerwashing:

National Stores, 16 various sites in 3 states: performed exterior powerwashing to storefronts.

Retail | Rodent control via carpentry:

Client name(s) and location(s) withheld: barricaded entry holes to prevent rodents (from neighboring food court) from entering client space(s).

Retail | Graffiti removal:

National Stores, Harlem, NY: removed all graffiti from storefront, and repainted exterior completely.

Retail | Miscellaneous metals, railings and chain link fencing:

Best Buy, Gateway Plaza, Brooklyn, NY: fabricated, supplied, and installed various metal products.

Retail | Miscellaneous metals, railings and chain link fencing:

Best Buy, Atlantic Center, Brooklyn, NY: fabricated, supplied, and installed various metal products.

Retail | Commercial interior & exterior buildout:

Office Depot, Williamsville, NY: managed the split of 1 large space into 2 separate stores, including all utilities; performed interior carpentry.

Retail | CM services:

Conway Stores, Astoria, NY: performed CM services, ground-up, on new-construction project.

Retail | Violation removal:

Conway Stores, Bronx, NY: performed handyman repairs to remove violations; provided professional documentation.

Retail | Commercial interior buildout:

Conway Stores, Bronx, NY: performed major interior buildout.

Retail | Interior concrete flooring:

Conway Stores, Harlem, NY: performed complete flooring work, including removal/protection/repositioning of all inventory on 10,000 square foot sales floor.

Retail | Commercial interior buildout:

Conway Stores, Washington Heights, NY: performed partial interior buildout.

Retail | Window wrapping:

Fallas Stores, Bronx, NY: supplied and installed marketing sign wrapping onto interior of windows.

Retail | Commercial interior buildout:

Conway Stores, East Elmhurst, NY: managed major interior buildout.

Retail | Wiring/conduit runs:

National Stores, New York, NY: supplied, installed, and terminated Cat-6 network, from point of demarcation, to internal router.

Retail | Commercial interior buildout:

Conway Stores, Newark, NJ: managed major interior buildout, multiple floors.

Retail | Commercial interior and exterior buildout:

Conway Stores, Union, NJ: performed partial interior buildout (sheetrocking/spackling/painting).

Retail | Commercial interior buildout:

Conway Stores, Totowa, NJ: managed full interior buildout.

Retail | Carpentry:

The Children’s Place, Oceanside, NY: salvaged work of previous contractor, and took over management of remaining interior buildout.

Retail | Commercial interior buildout:

Conway Stores, Upper Darby, PA: managed full interior buildout.


We look forward to speaking with you. Please contact us to discuss your needs.

Triton Builds 25,000 Foot Fence for Pope’s 2015 Visit to NYC

US Pope FrancisTriton Builders designed, built, and installed all of the security barrier steel fencing, and worked side by side with the United States Secret Service, to ensure the safety of Pope Francis during his visit to New York City. Each eight-foot square panel weighed approximately 500 lbs., and the total length of fencing exceeded 25,000 linear feet. It was all erected in just over 3 night-shifts, and was all taken down in 1 night-shift. We received tremendous media coverage during the installation, and several of our crew members were interviewed and appeared on live news broadcasts. Kindly browse the following media links:

CBS 2 News (NY) NYC Preps for Pope Francis, reported by Hazel Sanchez, 42 hours prior to the Pope’s first trip to NYC: click here for video.

ABC 7 News (NY) Security Update: Manholes, Lampposts Sealed Up Ahead of Pope’s New York City Visit, reported by Lucy Yang, 24 hours prior to the Pope’s first trip to NYC: click here for video and news story, where it specifies that “Triton Builders had to manufacture all these steel fences: 25,000 feet of them…”

This video (below) of the Pope’s visit to Central Park, on Friday, September 25, 2015, shows the magnitude of the 80,000 spectators that won tickets to attend the event. They were allowed inside the Triton Papal Fence. Interestingly, several hundred thousand additional people stood on the outside of the Triton Papal Fence, hoping to get a glimpse of the Pope. The Triton Papal Fence performed successfully.

Note: per the United States Secret Service, Triton’s staging area, 24 hours prior to the arrival of the Pope, was set up on the top steps of St. Patrick’s Cathedral, on 5th Avenue: click here for picture.

For more information on this project, or to contact Triton for pricing on a project, please click here. Thank you for your interest in our company.



Hurricane Relief Work

Following Hurricane Sandy, we’ve been working on the boardwalk at Rockaway Beach, and also the boardwalk at Coney Island, and also the boardwalk at Staten Island. We’ve also been working on many large-scale residential projects. We wish all the best, to all victims who were impacted by the storm.