US Pope FrancisTriton Builders designed, built, and installed all of the security barrier steel fencing, and worked side by side with the United States Secret Service, to ensure the safety of Pope Francis during his visit to New York City. Each eight-foot square panel weighed approximately 500 lbs., and the total length of fencing exceeded 25,000 linear feet. It was all erected in just over 3 night-shifts, and was all taken down in 1 night-shift. We received tremendous media coverage during the installation, and several of our crew members were interviewed and appeared on live news broadcasts. Kindly browse the following media links:

CBS 2 News (NY) NYC Preps for Pope Francis, reported by Hazel Sanchez, 42 hours prior to the Pope’s first trip to NYC: click here for video.

ABC 7 News (NY) Security Update: Manholes, Lampposts Sealed Up Ahead of Pope’s New York City Visit, reported by Lucy Yang, 24 hours prior to the Pope’s first trip to NYC: click here for video and news story, where it specifies that “Triton Builders had to manufacture all these steel fences: 25,000 feet of them…”

This video (below) of the Pope’s visit to Central Park, on Friday, September 25, 2015, shows the magnitude of the 80,000 spectators that won tickets to attend the event. They were allowed inside the Triton Papal Fence. Interestingly, several hundred thousand additional people stood on the outside of the Triton Papal Fence, hoping to get a glimpse of the Pope. The Triton Papal Fence performed successfully.

Note: per the United States Secret Service, Triton’s staging area, 24 hours prior to the arrival of the Pope, was set up on the top steps of St. Patrick’s Cathedral, on 5th Avenue: click here for picture.

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