Summary of Types of Retail Construction Work That We Perform

3NewWe perform all types of construction, repair and maintenance work, and documentation services. We work day-hours, as well as nights, weekends, and holidays. We have capabilities to provide 24/7 emergency and on-call services to our clients. We have multiple crews on staff, as well as many trucks, flatbeds, cars, pickup trucks, SUV’s, and numerous up-to-date tools. Kindly review the descriptions below, to gain a better understanding of our capabilities. Give us a call; we look forward to serving your needs.

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Retail | Department of Buildings and Fire Marshall compliance services [click here for video]:

National Stores, Brooklyn, NY: repainted entire sprinkler system, per new retroactive Building Code, for compliance with orders of Fire Marshall.

Retail | Rollup gate repairs and replacement [click here for video]:

National Stores, Bronx, NY: managed the removal, rebuilding, and/or replacement of non-working and damaged electric-powered gates/shutters.

Retail | Rapid emergency interior paint; emergency afterhours labor to replace GC who failed to perform:

Fallas Stores, Bronx, NY: received an afterhours emergency phonecall on a Friday night, mobilized a team of 34 inhouse laborers within 1 hour, and painted the interior of a retail store, which was 385 feet long x 220 feet wide x 24 feet high, in just 4 hours.

Retail | Lighting, bulbs, and handyman work [click here for video]:

National Stores, Philadelphia, PA: performed after-hours handyman lightbulb replacements on 800+ lightbulbs and 60+ ballasts, in just 2 shifts.

Retail | Minor sidewalk repair work:

Fallas Stores, Harlem, NY: performed handyman cement work; repaired damaged walkway.

Retail | Water leak detection in foundation:

National Stores, Elizabeth, NJ: worked with a licensed engineer to discover problems with the cement, foundation, gutter/leader system, and overall drainage; provided protection and elevation of inventory.

Retail | Post-flood, post-storm, and post-leak repairs:

National Stores, Bronx, NY: performed cost-effective handyman repairs, then repaired all interior water damage, while protecting inventory.

Retail | Fascade repairs, exterior signage installation, and temporary banners:

National Stores, 24 various sites in 3 states, Memorial Day weekend 2015: repaired damage caused by other contractors, while they removed and replaced exterior signage, post name change of a retail chain.

Luxury Commercial | Interior and exterior buildout in high security landmark building:

Chaise Fitness, 92nd Street YMCA/YMHA, New York, NY: consulted on the design of, then built a new franchise location.

Luxury Commercial | Metal elevator cladding:

Cable Building, New York, NY: manufactured 30 ornamental aluminum elevator cladding components, then installed them.

Luxury Commercial | Interior and exterior buildout:

Chaise Fitness, New York, NY: retrofitted a Chaise Fitness Center into a Pre-War NYC building, then converted it to the franchise’s flagship location.

Retail | Surveying:

C.W. Price, 34 locations throughout New England and Mid-Atlantic regions: verified dimensions/measurements of multiple locations, to provide documentation to verify existing conditions, for the lease-takeover and name change of a number of retail locations, for our client.

Luxury Commercial | CM services:

Chaise Fitness, Park Avenue, New York, NY: built Chaise Fitness Center, in high-exposure Manhattan intersection.

Luxury Commercial Residential | Miscellaneous metals, railings, ornamental metals, and concrete:

Cable Building, New York, NY: designed, manufactured, and installed ornamental metal products, and manufactured and installed bicycle racks.

Commercial | Reinforcement for RTU’s and boilers:

 Walgreens, New York, NY: supplied and installed steel reinforcements in ceilings, to support rooftop HVAC units.

Retail | Carpentry and repairs in bathroom:

National Stores, Upper Darby, PA: performed repairs associated with (post-leak) ceiling collapse (entire ceiling) in a bathroom with 12 toilets in 1 retail location, then performed handyman maintenance work.

Retail | Payment center and cash register relocation:

National Stores, Upper Darby, PA: uninstalled and relocated 12 cash registers, from the back of the store, to the front. The scope of work included carpentry, working with licensed electricians, telecom, and IT services.

Retail | Powerwashing:

National Stores, 16 various sites in 3 states: performed exterior powerwashing to storefronts.

Retail | Rodent control via carpentry:

Client name(s) and location(s) withheld: barricaded entry holes to prevent rodents (from neighboring food court) from entering client space(s).

Retail | Graffiti removal:

National Stores, Harlem, NY: removed all graffiti from storefront, and repainted exterior completely.

Retail | Miscellaneous metals, railings and chain link fencing:

Best Buy, Gateway Plaza, Brooklyn, NY: fabricated, supplied, and installed various metal products.

Retail | Miscellaneous metals, railings and chain link fencing:

Best Buy, Atlantic Center, Brooklyn, NY: fabricated, supplied, and installed various metal products.

Retail | Commercial interior & exterior buildout:

Office Depot, Williamsville, NY: managed the split of 1 large space into 2 separate stores, including all utilities; performed interior carpentry.

Retail | CM services:

Conway Stores, Astoria, NY: performed CM services, ground-up, on new-construction project.

Retail | Violation removal:

Conway Stores, Bronx, NY: performed handyman repairs to remove violations; provided professional documentation.

Retail | Commercial interior buildout:

Conway Stores, Bronx, NY: performed major interior buildout.

Retail | Interior concrete flooring:

Conway Stores, Harlem, NY: performed complete flooring work, including removal/protection/repositioning of all inventory on 10,000 square foot sales floor.

Retail | Commercial interior buildout:

Conway Stores, Washington Heights, NY: performed partial interior buildout.

Retail | Window wrapping:

Fallas Stores, Bronx, NY: supplied and installed marketing sign wrapping onto interior of windows.

Retail | Commercial interior buildout:

Conway Stores, East Elmhurst, NY: managed major interior buildout.

Retail | Wiring/conduit runs:

National Stores, New York, NY: supplied, installed, and terminated Cat-6 network, from point of demarcation, to internal router.

Retail | Commercial interior buildout:

Conway Stores, Newark, NJ: managed major interior buildout, multiple floors.

Retail | Commercial interior and exterior buildout:

Conway Stores, Union, NJ: performed partial interior buildout (sheetrocking/spackling/painting).

Retail | Commercial interior buildout:

Conway Stores, Totowa, NJ: managed full interior buildout.

Retail | Carpentry:

The Children’s Place, Oceanside, NY: salvaged work of previous contractor, and took over management of remaining interior buildout.

Retail | Commercial interior buildout:

Conway Stores, Upper Darby, PA: managed full interior buildout.


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